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VAPORESSO F(t) Mode in The Target 80 mod: A New Tech Ushers in New Era

We sent the Target 80 to a few veteran vapers, the ones that are most difficult to please. A few days later, they all said, “Wow! The flavor is amazing!”


One vaper named Dan said, “Often, new vape tech is gimmicky and doesn’t do much. I was pleasantly surprised by the Target 80. The F(t) Mode actually makes a noticeable increase in flavor, and the flavors are very evenly represented...”

So, what’s the magic here?



A New Benchmark in Vaping Tech


The F(t) mode is supported by VAPORESSO’s newest chip, the AXON 2.0, which opened a new arena

in vaping technology: function output. The AXON 2.0’s F(t) Mode applies different voltages in rapid succession to vaporize each flavor at its optimum temperature. The user experiences concentrated, highly balanced flavor without muting or over-representation. This occurs so quickly that there is a very smooth puff with intense flavor.


The F(t) Mode is probably the biggest innovation in vaping since Temperature Control.


VAPORESSO was founded in 2015 as an offshoot of SMOORE International, the world’s largest vaping manufacturer, as well as the first vaping company to go public. The company holds over 1000 technology patents. Embedded with AXON 2.0, a huge breakthrough in the industry, the Target 80 is one of the flagship models for the impressive F(t) Mode.



The AXON chip established its stellar reputation when it was introduced in the popular VAPORESSO GEN mod as AXON 1.0 chip with PULSE mode. Also, with PULSE mode included, the AXON 2.0 chip pulses the voltage every 0.02s to provide extremely stable coil heat. The high level of consistency allows the user to take longer, deeper, yet hard-hitting puffs. The huge clouds are sure to impress even the most seasoned vaper!


The AXON 2.0 chip also uses VAPORESSO’s Boost Circuit technology. This circuit can boost the voltage to 9V and remain stable regardless of the battery’s charge level. Vapers use the voltage they set without experiencing a loss of flavor and heat during an extended period of vaping. The chip also includes many safety features.


Small Mod, Large Battery


The Target 80’s integrated battery reaches to 3000mAh in such a deceptively small mod. In fact, the Target 80 has 36% more battery capacity than similarly-sized competing products on average. VAPORESSO’s design team has worked tirelessly to create a small mod with big features!


Only have a short time to charge? The Target 80 can be charged to 20% within 15 minutes. For longer trips into the outdoors, charging with a battery pack is safer and more convenient than carrying several batteries.


The integrated battery allows for more efficient use of space. Compared with removable battery mods that carry the same battery capacity, the Target 80 is definitely smaller, safer, and lighter.


All these features are packed into such a compact mod.


Ready For Impact


The Target 80 was designed for life in the outdoors. The cage-like design employs a strong, load-bearing shape: the triangle. The use of 3 screws and a larger surface to secure the 510 connector disperses pressures to ensure performance in abusive situations. The fully integrated lanyard loop allows the Target 80 to hang from belts or backpack straps. The metal construction relieves the fear of breaking compared to the weak, plastic loops of other mods.




VAPORESSO tested the Target 80 by dropping it at various angles from heights ranging 1-1.6m (3.2- 5.2ft.). It deformed significantly less than the competition.


The Target 80 is designed to be easily secured to the user while being fully prepared to handle unforeseen impacts with ease.



A Historied tech Ushers in New Era


As the vaping market matures, products are becoming homogeneous. For vaping brands, features with genuine impact are becoming more and more important to outshine competitors.



VAPORESSO’s F(t) Mode is sure to bring a new area in vaping technology, and the Target 80 is a testament to the goal that VAPORESSO set for itself when it started in 2015: bring vapers a better experience.


Supported by parent company SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has been setting new industry standards and driving innovation in this emerging industry. They were one of the first brands to adopt the press to fill (PTF) system and SSS leak-resistant technology. Today, VAPRESSO continues to transform with new firing mods and efficient design. What other surprises VAPORESSO will bring in the future?



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